Impresiones de Elisa

The week in which we are in Seville and the week, when the students of Seville were here in Italy for me were two of the most valuable weeks that I will never forget.

Each trip was beautiful and the evenings were especially wonderful.

Seville is an amazing city, but the week in Italy with the students I like more anyway, because we had the program more interesting, could go to discos and had more fun.


I closed all the students in the heart.

I think the exchange was too short, because it was over before I got to know everyone better.

I am happy that I participated in the exchange because I have met many nice people.


Of course I'm currently still in contact with many students of Seville, and I hope that will be so for a long time. The student exchange was a success because I learned lot of English, a little bit of Spanish and I saw a new culture.

It was especially nice to stay with a Spanish family, and I got to know their daily life.

Now I love the Spanish people and their attitude.


In September Patrizia and I want to travel to Seville to see again our friends. They invited us to stay in their houses and I am already excited. I want to thank the school and the teachers for made possible this project.

Elisa Steiner.